Beginning on June 18, 2005, Jack and Betty, along with Betty's Parents, Ofelia and Oscar and her sister Melina drove to Florida. We stopped in New Orleans for a day and then went on to Florida.

June 18, 2005

day 1
We arrived in "N'Awlins" and found a motel to take a nap in. Later we will take in the sites of downtown.

We made our way down to the Mississippi River and the French Market. From there we walked up to and then down Rue Bourbon.

The French Market

Bourbon Street

June 19, 2005

day 2
We stopped in Pensacola, Florida over night. We are in a motel on the beach.

At the beach

June 20, 2005

day 3
When we arrive in Kissimee we find a motel and rest up for Disney World

June 21, 2005

day 4
Disney's Epcot Center

June 22, 2005

day 5
We arrive in Daytona Beach and find a motel on the Atlantic coast beach

It is beautiful

On the beach

June 23, 2005

day 6
On our way home we stay over night in Mobile, Alabama The motel is next door to the Battleship Memorial Park where the Battleship Alabama is retired. There are several vintage war planes and a submarine as well as many other tools of war retired there

Battleship Alabama



Jack & the SR71

June 24, 2005

day 7
Back in New Orleans for an afternoon of shopping and gambling Ofelia and Oscar head to Harrah's while Betty, Melina and I walk around downtown We started up Canal St and then turned onto Bourbon St We ended up at the French Market and then took the street car back over to Harrah's to pick up Mom and Dad

Bourbon Street


street car

June 25, 2005

day 7 and a half
We are home