When i was a little boy, i was told a story that i feel will help you as much as it helped me. The story goes like this: Two snakes are slithering around in a garden having snakish fun. All of a sudden it hit them. Now the first snake, who was just the slightest bit longer than her companion, was very upset at the turn of events. She didn't know what to do. The other snake, a venomous snake, had an idea just about then. He felt there was a good reason for what had happened, and if anyone was going to benefit, it was going to be him. "Hey Snake!" he called, "How does that song go again?" She felt she didn't have a very good singing voice, and disliked him asking her to sing. She slithered over to him as she began the song. The lyrics were odd, like some kind of prayer. "Oh-make the day a long one, and bring us lots of bugs." Who was the snake asking? Who was she singing too?