when i cry
i cry alone
when i die
how will i know?
will it so
then i will go
how will i know?
i want to go

Yesterday i saw a star
on the horizon it shown
Today i saw a star
above me the sky had grown
In my mind i see a star
from heaven it shines on me
In our soul a star shines
and in its light we will be free

i'll never grow up
i feel like singing forever
because if i grew up
i'd be getting old
and it shouldn't matter to you how i live my life
but when i tell you about getting old
all you say is: Grow Up!
let me tell you why
there are no differences
between the way you think
and the way you act
when you think about growing up
you act like you're getting old
i'll never grow up
i feel like singing forever

smoking my time away
same game everyday
do that till i'm tired
and hope i'm not fired
if i was rid of it
dumped off all that shit
i wouldn't live too long
that plan seems so wrong
and if i adhear to it
up to my neck in shit
i would die that way
too big a price to pay
so i'm stuck in the middle
life is such a riddle
go this way or that
after all i'm a rat
and life is a race
we all want to place
so watch your back
a sitting duck to attack
in the end you will know
you can't steal the show
and without where you've been
you're dead, you can't win

when lifes so called "legends" are getting you down
those are the times to fight back that frown
i know it's hard, but do your level best
becouse of the short time you have to invest
wasting it away in the depths of depression
will lead to nowhere but into regression
so break yourself free just by hanging on
and eventually you will see, your depressions have gone

gently falling
blowing breezes of thought
gently knowing
feeling waves are caught
through our eyes-into our mind
only i know my thoughts
before they're sought
only you know your feelings
when they're fought
with these words
that make us blind

there's been a revolution and no one noticed
but after all no one cares
and there's a new kind of peace
the answer to no one's prayers
what will it do next? what will they say?
if only to send up flares
warning of the end of the revolution
but no one dares

waiting for the sunrise
how could it be yesterday
when i sat on her knee
telling me the times before
times when i cried
she turned and walked away
slowly and without a word
without a memory of how it could be
we never saw the horizon together


The Gods were alone, so here we are...
Face to face with the Jaguar, in the Dance of Death

Our temples rise to the heavens, and reach down into the realm of the Dead
Everyday the world is reborn, as well as the Son of the Creators

and we know the future
--there is no future
and we've seen the past
--there is no past

Only by the lusting of the Gods, only by the will of the Creators
(The First Father-The First Mother)
We are free to worship, free to sacrifice

We have lived long
We have seen much
But only in the Dance of Death will we know all that is knowable
Only in the Dance of Death will we live forever
Side by side with the Jaguar