ABRAXOX and Bonfyr Verboo joined forces in the spring of 1994 to form Abstract Dreamteching,
an experimental production company dedicated to the oddly sublime.
To that end, under the name XOX, they began recording the music which they call tonal psycholinguistics.
The core of XOX's music is the album entitled "Life is Opened"
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At Music of XOX
you can listen to streaming audio of the aforementioned album in its entirety. There are liner notes galore as well.
I love liner notes.

At the Bonfyr Verboo Song Catalog
you will be able to listen to streaming audio of the songs or what-have-you, from the two releases by Bonfyr Verboo (who else?)

At The Abstract Dreamteching Shop
you can order custom made items with exclusive images and logos from all of the Abstract Dreamteching artists.

you will be able to stream music from Magikal Kingdom recording artists Froth Minus, An Army of Clouds About to Attack and Under Observation.
Magikal Kingdom is an affiliate of Abstract Dreamteching.
There are also links for other artists who only wish they were affiliated with Abstract Dreamteching

This is a link to King Walnut's latest "Royal Decree". Tremble as you listen to