Half way across the room flew the chicken bone the little girl had flung. Her keeper screamed as usual and slapped the girls face, the girl began to sob. "Now you pick that up!" the keeper howled, face beet red. "No!" shouted the little girl between sobs. The keeper inhaled as if to say something, and a look of astonishment placed itself on her face. The little girl flinched, fully expecting another slap, if not worse. The veins on the keepers forehead stood out more than usual. She let out a gasp, and fell straight foreward toward the floor, whereupon her left sholder stuck the coffeetable on which the keeper had placed the keys to the little girls chains. The floor shook as the keepers body hit it with nearly all of her 250 pounds. She lay motionless, eyes gazing down onto the floor. The little girl giggled hysterically, unable to control herself. Just then, two men in white rushed into the room with a gurney between them. They set it down next to the keeper and with a simultainious grunt, heaved her dead carcass onto it. They carried her out of the gloomy room, as the little girl continued her antics.