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"Not for Normal Ears"

Some of the music in this first collection is of an extremely abstract nature, while others are unique renderings following a somewhat recognizable structure. All, however are of a bizarre nature and Not for Normal Ears.
The pieces were produced over a period of about three years from around 1992 to approx. 1995. Most of these selections are undated but were done during the period that Bonfyr was a member of Froth Minus. A few date from the period during and just after the XOX album "Life Is Opened" was produced.

with duration and notes:

1. DESERT DREAM - 2:35 - An original poem written and read by Abraxox with ambience by Bonfyr Verboo. This is one of the earliest pieces XOX created.
2. FILL UP GLASS - 1:44 - after listening to this for the first time, Bonfyr recognised the influene of Phillip Glass.
3. DESCRIPTIONS OF IMAGINARY LINES - 1:47 - Written as a commentary on the saturation of television in our society.
4. BREATHE - 1:31 - Just trying to get some fresh air.
5. GENTLY FALLING - 2:02 - An original peom, later put to music.
6. SDJ4V - 6:10 - Abraxox and Bonfyr began using a pro-style FX generator and had several long jam sessions just trying the various settings. One evening King Walnut graced the studio with his presence and there you have it.
7. ABBEY ROAD - 3:22 - An extremely short (less than two seconds) sample of a song from a very influential band. It was slowed considerably and looped to generate the basic track for this piece.
8. CALL IT WHAT YOU WILL - 2:41 - Bonfyr bought a synthesizer and it makes one of its earliest appearances here.
9. DON'T WAIT - 4:18 - This is the no vocals version. The guitar is courtesy of King Walnut.
10. DETOUR - 2:39 - The above mentioned synth is used in this, one of the earliest fully realised songs by Bonfyr with all of the musical elements.
11. A TEST 1 2 3: a sample - 7:19 - Actually three different pieces spliced together to create the selection you hear here.
12. CIGARRETTES - 1:11 - The first solo piece Bonfyr Verboo created.
13. ? - 2:58 - One of the earliest Bonfyr Verboo pieces. The entire selection was made with midi using a Yamaha keyboard purchased at a pawn shop.
14. AFTER THE BLAST: ELEMENT OF REVENGE - 4:29 - The horrific events in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995 led to the creation of this piece. The people heard speaking throughout are commentators and interviewees taken directly from the airwaves on that date. You may recognize one or two of them. The music is generated using a five string electric bass guitar and the FX are from tweeking a seperate guitar amp.
15. FLOW - 1:37 - A simple, original poem set to a simple piece of music.
16. CROWD OF SOULS - 7:37 - Bonfyr Verboo wrote and arranged this song and Abraxox contributed the keyboard work which gives the piece its unique flavor. Together XOX recorded the voices at the finale. There are dozens of strange moments included in that finale. Here are a few examples:
"King Walnut grew his toe nails"
"Someone tried to push Froth Minus into the well"
"The CIA is at it again"
"Are the cannons loaded?"
"I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream"

17. TWIRL: internal 07 - 2:38 - Abraxox purchased a new keyboard and XOX created this. The basic loop is that keyboards internal 07 setting.
18. PARKING LOT - 3:30 - A clip from a strange jam session by XOX. The free form vocal, a snapshot of life in our apartment community as well as the keyboard performance were improvised on the spot by Abraxox and Bonfyr, respectively. XOX haven't heard from Charlie in quite some time now.
19. CDENDER - 1:25 - A short piece meant to give a note of finality to the original album.
20. NOTHING - 1:34 - An original poem, set to music, for odd effect. Sort of funny, until you figure it out.

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"Hondo Motel"

The Hondo Motel is on Hwy 90, on the way to Eagle Pass. All of this music was created from about 1999 to as late as 2005. While Hondo Motel sqeezes itself into a more defined, typical song structure (unlike the first collection "Not For Normal Ears") it is presumed there should be a slight bent toward the strange in the listeners ear to enjoy these pieces.

with duration and notes:

1. CITY LITE - 3:49 - Invoking the rain slick streets of New York City at night, this piece was created from a sound library (as was this entire collection). Bonfyr originally intended to add a vocal track, but the events of 9-11 froze it in place.
2. BETTY & ME - 5:46 - One of two attempts at full on dance music.
3. BETTY'S BOP - 4:56 - The other attempt.
4. JESUS SAVES - 4:05 - With Abraxox. This is the most recent XOX tune.
5. OCTOBER THIRTEENTH - 3:44 - Finished on 10-13, thus the title, this selection was meant to evoke some fear, or at least a bit of the unknown.
6. ROCKIN' JAZZY TUNE - 2:17 - How's that for an alarm clock? This is your basic experimental piece, exploring the various possibilities.
7. uh, whatever - 2:38 - More experimentation. Combining two different elements to push the possibilities further.
8. THE SOUL OF MY COMPUTER - 2:06 - Bonfy Verboo's very first piece originating from a sound library. The rock band sampled is Froth Minus. The song is "Human Soul".
9. WE USED TO DRIVE - 6:10 - Evoking memories from the late 1980s and early 1990s. Abraxox and Bonfyr would drive out to an area south of town called Applewhite.
10. SUNLIGHT - 6:56 - Interestingly enough, this selection sounds a little like what one may imagine a sunny day sounds like.
11. TO DRIFT, TO FLY (extended) - 12:05 - A relaxing flight into another world.
12. TO DRIFT, TO FLY - 5:56 - The short version.
13. THROUGH THE AIR - 5:08 - Nature, sytar, tymbala, and Indian style vocals. This is NOT untouchable. Notice the first appearance of the SR71?
14. SR71 - 4:31 - The worlds fastest aircraft (still, after 40 years). Quick and LOUD.

All selections written and performed by Bonfyr Verboo unless otherwise indicated.
All selections recorded and produced by Bonfyr Verboo.

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