My Marlowe family connections
These are pictures of my father and his family
circa 1930 circa 1936
My father, John Clyde "Jay" Marlowe and his mother, Myrtle Marie Jay holding a snowball. The other boy is probably his little brother Robert
circa 1971 circa 1945?
My sister, Kimberly about a year old
My grandmother, Myrtle Marie Hewlett, probably sometime in the 1940s
circa 1921
circa 1930
Jay's maternal grandparents, Morrison and Mollie Green. He is about 80 and she about 63
My grandfather, William Austin Marlowe about age 32
early 1960s?
unknown date, maybe late 1950s?
My grandmother and her 6 sons, l-to-r-Standing: Paul, Jay, Bill, Robert Front: Richard, Myrtle, Alvin
John Clyde Marlowe
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