Family and me
My grandmother, Pauline Billings married (1st) David Massengale in 1942 and (2nd) Alvin Stout in 1956
circa 1940 August 11,  1944
My grandmother Pauline Billings about 15 years old My grandmother Pauline on her 19th birthday
April 1943 circa 1925
My grandfather David Truman "Billy" Massengale about 25 years old My grandfather Alvin Louis Stout about 12 years old
circa 1910 October 1940
My gradfather's (Alvin Stout) family-L to R: sister Louise (pregnant w/Betty), great-grandmother Mary Ann Eliza Kerlin, grandmother Georgia Ann Granger, and mother Mamie Irene Jones
Mamie Irene Jones (my great-grandmother) about 14 years old
circa 1970
circa 1970
Just me, about age 4
My grandmother and me outside our home on Dodic Street
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